Online tag- Seven random things about me

I've been tagged by AngelicQuirk. I'm now to share 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 other people. Let's see:

1. I've only moved once. I was 7. It was right around Christmas, too.

2. I love to write. I feel I do it better than I talk in that it's more organized. I write short stories, poems- usually out of necessity, journal, blog and have a few book ideas. I'm not sharing those with anyone yet.

3. I skipped second grade. That was scary even though I was still technically in the same class. As a result...

4. I taught myself to write cursive. I would have learned in second grade but instead went straight to having to copy paragraphs in cursive. The teacher was patient with me, but I didn't tell my parents I didn't know how to write cursive because I thought they'd make me go back to second. I make my capital I's reverse of the way 'they' say you should.

5. I volunteered in a bilingual, Spanish/English first-grade classroom. It was kind of extra credit for my college class, that the professor knew nothing about. I loved it.

6. I could eat Smartfood popcorn every day. 'Nough said.

7. One of my ears is slightly higher that the other. All glasses sit a little crooked on my face. *snerk*

Now for those to be tagged:
Here in this diary, Pamela Michelle,Blackstar, Late Fragments, Jenna Lou, The (Occassionally) Daily Sprout, and My name is Laura.



Merry Christmas! :D

Today was a good day. A very good day. It's not over yet, I know. I wasn't even sure I was going to blog today. But I had some time between making mac and cheese and baking rolls so I thought I'd post a little something.

I'm feeling an overwhelming urge to write about everything. It's good. I'd been suffering, really writer's block is NO fun, for a while. I still have some projects that are unfinished. But I want/need to write about me, my thoughts, try to work through things on paper that don't make sense in my mind.

I do love Christmas, the actual day. All the build-up is a little stressful. But the actual day is very nice.

I've been tagged to post 7 random facts about myself. I'll do that tomorrow, I didn't feel it fit for today. I'm going to go find a pen and some paper and write. Maybe I'll share what I come up with. :P



I am happy. Woke up to a sale. Who'd a-thunk it? That's a great Christmas present. Yay!

It doesn't look like Bro1's gift is going to get here in time. Freaky people. I have no idea what to do. Well, I have an idea. Maybe I have time. IT CAME! Thank God, seriously. I'm not sure if an angel dropped it off or what. I sure didn't hear the USPS truck. Haha!

Uh, guess that's it. It's almost Christmas. I have gifts to wrap (we do all our giving on the 25th), cookies to bake...maybe, candy canes to munch. Haha.

Is 'good turmoil' an oxymoron? Just curious.

I shall end this short, light-hearted post now and attempt to finish the myriad of tasks ahead. Good luck to me!


Lookin' at you

Say hello
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I got through the stuff in the previous post. It still has me reeling. It may always because it's just so unbelievable. It's good, though. I'm just not used to any of this.

I sorta finished Christmas shopping today. I didn't really find the gift I wanted for Bro2 so I had to substitute with a bunch of smaller things. His birthday is next month so I'll see if I can find it then. Still hopin' Bro1's present gets here in time.

I don't think I'm gonna list anything between now and maybe Dec. 26th. I don't think it's worth it and I'm getting too busy with Christmas stuff to do it. It doesn't really take that much to relist. But I'm gonna hold off. I may hold off until '08. Yeah, that sounds really nice. *ponders*

Post Picture: Me in the reflection of a Christmas bulb decoration thing. It's my job to decorate this time of year. Actually I'm almost always the one to decorate. Heck, I decorated for my own graduation party. Ha!

Anyway, I was getting tired and started making faces at myself in the reflection. Bro2 thought this was hilarious. I grabbed the camera and snapped a few. This one looks the best.


Breathe 12.20

Again with the dated title. Heh. I'm not sure if that's the result of a lack of creativity or a semi-clever way to describe the mood succinctly and find certain significant moments later.

I miss someone. A lot. I have for several months...years. The person who hurt me worst in my life is now the person I would give almost anything to spend an hour with. I had to forgive. Then we found each other. But I wasn't expecting this, to think about this someone every hour. Wonder. Hope. Long.

I probably shouldn't get this emotionally involved. But I don't know how not to be. I'm probably over-complicating this. I don't think I should tell the person. I don't think I can. I'll think of something to say...maybe.

This makes it extremely hard to focus, these intense feelings. Creating is near impossible. The new year's comin' and my stock will probably be cut back. I'd like to have other things to fill in. But it's hard. I have ideas. But I can't focus. I wonder and think, think, think.

Maybe it's a mistake to get personal here, on the interwebs. I'm confused, though. Perplexed. I thought I understood, that I'd figured it out. But I haven't.

Writing used to help when I would keep it all inside. But now the relief is short-lived. All too soon I'm caught up again, smothered with thoughts and feelings that seem too adult, too grown-up for little me. It's not physical. It never was. But it's deep for me, connected to so much of who I am, who I was.

I've never been this way, felt like this. Not for this long. I always appeared sure, though perhaps guarded. I didn't want to get hurt again. I never thought I'd get this undone.

It's scary; I can't believe so much of me wants to trust this person again. We were children, then. Neither of us were really to blame for what happened. There was fear. Propriety. Rules. Boundaries we knew nothing about, being so young.

It's a little lonely; I don't know who to trust with this, but I feel I must share or I'll be swallowed alive. I don't know what The One I Miss remembers about me. There's so much else I want, long, to know. But I'm too afraid to ask.

It's exhilarating, too, and a little freeing. I'm discovering pieces of my personality that I'd shut off for years. I'm remembering things I thought I'd forgotten. I'm dealing with nouns (persons, places and things) that hurt me badly. And it leaves me breathless.

Yet breathe I must. I'm no longer in the darkness I was in for so long. I want to live. I want to understand. I want to talk, laugh, play. I'm trying to go with it. I don't think I'll ever get over it. Maybe I'll get along with it, figure out how to co-exist.

This is long but it needed to be said, told, written. It is the truth, a departure from the posts I normally write. I can only hope...


Finding me 12.18

Hehe, so I've run all my reusable post titles, Blurble, Now, and Finding Me, back to back. That was unintentional. I think I'm really into tracking myself, my thoughts.

I've been going through a huge emotional change since September. Consequently, I've been reading my journal and this blog over and over. Really, I'm amazed at how different I am. I was beginning to think it wasn't that significant but I read my writings from 2003-2007. (It was all in one book.) I was wrong. I don't know how I made it through that time. More importantly, I don't know how my family made it through that time having to live with me.

I'm getting better. It's a process, I'm learning to accept that. I'm learning to enjoy the journey, not purely be fixed on the finish line.

I also really like the sneakiness of Christmas shopping. Hehe. I'm smirking to myself even though the little gift I just bought was not that expensive. The recipient will like it. Hehe.

Post Picture: A picture of the ceiling at a nearby church. I guess I chose this because...things are looking up. :P


Now 12.17

I have a new record month for sales. Last December I got 4, 3 of them were supplies. This December I've had 5, all handmade things. I'm so happy. :) If I get two more I'll have sold twice as much this year to last year. Numbers-wise it's kinda low, but it's a good statistic.

I did finally finish a set of coasters. However, I like them so much, I might keep them.

My dad really wants an D-SLR. This is great because I could use it. Haha. But, we'll have to see.

It snowed again. I'm a little over snow, now. I'd like 60 degree weather back. (I realize to some this is cold. Wimps. :P)

I may have gotten myself hired at a temp agency. I'm not sure, because I'm never sure. I've gotten company literature at the end of interviews before but I didn't actually get the job. I'll have to see. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Trying to view it as a means to an end.


Blurble 12.15

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Blogging while sleeping can be hazardous. I'm not fully asleep yet, but I'm close.

I went up the Plattsburgh on Friday with my dad. My cousin was graduating from college. It was freezing but it was nice. I hadn't spent that much time with just my dad in a long time.

Uh, hmm, totally lost where I was gonna go with this. I still haven't done any Christmas shopping. I'm bad...yeah. Hehe.

Post Picture: Looking out of dining room window earlier this week. My mom and I were actually out while it was snowing. But I'm not about to tell you why. :P


Seller Tips- The List

I'm an indie-preneur, a micro-business owner constantly looking for ways to promote my work. I started this column, Seller Tips, to help me keep track of my findings and to pass them on to you.

The Tip List:

Blog Your Passion
Get Inspired
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Think Bakery
Indie Smiles
Buyers Market Blog- 100 Small Actions



I'm listening to my mom and Bro2 (that would be the youngest brother) talk in the kitchen. The conversation is meandering all over the place and cracking me up.

She told him Alex Trebek had a heart attack. He had no idea who that was. "Is that a poet?" he asks. When she tells him who he is Bro2 says, "Oh, the Jeopardy man has a name?"

Then he got confused and was wondering how our near 70-year-old aunt was going to have twins. She's not. It's her daughter-in-law that's pregnant.

Then they're discussing what my mom would want to be called if she ever became a grandmother. At the moment, she's nowhere closer to being a grandmother. She's ruled out Granny but has made up all kinds of other odd names. Grandmama A. I don't like that. Bro2 didn't either.

It was funny to me, the whole odd thing.


Been Up to All Good

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I've dropped of the face of the Titled Unnecessarily world. I haven't posted an entry in four days. Oops.

I've been working on my room. Yes, still. I was given a deadline for finishing staining and I want to beat it I'm doing most of the work by myself and it's thankless and tiring. I want to do it myself...I think I need. I've taken off layers of wallpaper and paint, dealt withFumes of paint stripper and stain, gotten my hands really messy and sweaty and smelly. This has been going on for a long time.

My head kinda hurts now, but I'm close to finishing. I think. I hope. I have to be. I only have a window and a 2-foot section left to stain. This is a 'custom' mix of two stains because I refused to settle for Golden Oak stain after my original design idea didn't work. Then it'll have to be sealed. Then I can paint. *cheers*



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I decided to make the piece an ornament. I may be able to make a few different ornaments before it gets too close to Christmas. Wish I'd gotten this idea sooner. *sigh* Sometimes my timing is really bad. haha.

Do you think a 14-yr-old boy would want a wallet for Christmas? He needs one. But for him, Christmas is about wants not needs. Still he shouldn't carry about wads of his snowblowing money in his pockets. Hmmm.



300- but a less gory kind
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I got to 300 hearts today on my shop today. I'm very pleased with this. I'd been close for a while and wanted to get it before the end of the year. I've gotten 200 hearts in less time than it took me to get to 100. This really isn't a HUGE deal sales-wise. Most of my sales have been to brand new buyers who don't heart me.

Today was crazy so this was a nice little reward. Encouraging. I needed it. :)

On to tomorrow. I have a few new things to list. More woodburning. I'm becoming obsessed.


Hello Winter

Hello Winter

I should have made things like crazy. Instead, I've spent most of the day on the computer or watching TV. I got another sale. Eep! Another item sale at that. Yay! I'm so child-like when it comes to sales. If I can get like 4 more, I'll have sold 2x as much as last year. Which numbers-wise isn't that great...but statistically it rocks. It's all about perspective. I'm trying to changed to 'half-full'.

There are still some hours left in the day. I'll see what I can do. Other big news, I finally came up with an invoice form that I liked. I don't know why I didn't think to use a table/chart all along. So much easier. I think it looks more professional. It's definitely so much easier.

I took a chance and emailed someone else about my shop. I don't know what'll come from it. But then I never do. I still didn't hear back from another email I sent.
And it looks like I may get that huge jewelry commission. I hope so. I just need to start brainstorming ideas. Eek!

Maybe this is all finally turning around.

Post Picture:
Frankly, the picture makes me a little sad. It's proof it probably won't be t-shirt weather for another 3+ months. Some people look forward to this. Not I. This was taken my brother youngest this morning. He should take a class in photography, I think. He gets so really nice shots for someone with no training at all. *is an over-proud big sis* :P


Oh me, oh my

I got my 30th and 31st sales today. I'm so happy. I didn't know when it was going to come. Trying to stay hopeful in a sales drought is hard. It's a great way to start a month, especially December. They were item sales too, not just supplies. Looking at my sales I just realized I hadn't had an item sale since July. I really hope it continues. Eep! I also hope it never gets to be so business-y that I stop being joyful when I get a sale or accomplish something. Maybe not every sale, but milestone ones.

The paper that I have with my list of ideas just keeps getting longer. I'm loving this right now. I'm seeing how much creating means to me. I want to keep getting better.

There are no pictures involved with this post because I'm using my dad's PC, which isn't on the same network. Ah, well. You can see pics on Flickr if you would like.