Now 6.08

Bench pin came today! So happy. I didn't get to try it out yet. I had to run to Salvation Army to drop off four bags of clothes. For people who don't buy clothes often...sheesh! It was surprisingly easy and felt good.

The arrival of the bench pin does have me wondering where the earwires I ordered are. I just bought the bench pin and it had to ship across country. The earwires I ordered over a week ago. Ought to see if I can dig out the email.

I'm listing in both shops and trying to get ideas pinned down for rjax. I'm probably crazy to think I can run three shops. But...hopefully they'll all do well. I have enough time to give them.

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas! I have so many, but I really ought to go clean. My mom's best friend is coming in from out-of-state and she'll want to see my room and well...it's a creative mess.

Post Picture: New magnets. I'm on a magnet-making tear again. Trying to balance out my wares...in time.