Weekend Blurble- Happy September


September is one of my fave months. Last September started a change in my life that, well, changed me. I can hardly wait to see what will happen this year.

It has been my most productive season to-date, I think. August, the longest month to me, went swimmingly, all things considered. I finished my commission, packaged, boxed and tagged it. It's been given to the client. She loved them. I'm happy.

This is a sort of sandwich month. I'm prepping for the craft fair in Oct. and riding the wave of creative thought sparked by my summertime success. I'm going back to the temp job I had in April, which will be a good boost. I'll have to work harder now and then to find time to work on elpy when I'm zonked after work. That job is quick and tiring in its meticulous-ness.

I'm daring to think things have a turned a corner. And, to resurrect an old phrase, a phrase from last year, I'm going with it. :)

Post Picture: How one leaves comments in real life. It's from my mom on a small bit of newness that I hope to begin listing soon. The holidays are coming...it's weird to think about Christmas when it's 80 degrees out.