Seller Tips- Media Kit 101

I'm an indie-preneur, a micro-business owner constantly looking for ways to promote my work. I started this column, Seller Tips, to help me keep track of my findings and to pass them on to you.

[what's it called] biz ladies 09: fresh from the oven- media kits
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['splain it please]Think Bakery explains media kits.

This series was born from my quest to find ways to promote my business. There are lots of things that I read about and think I should do, but don't know how to get started. Putting together a media kit is one such task.

The lovely ladies of Think Bakery, a new company that I covered in my last Seller Tips, recently wrote an article about the basics of 'media-kitting'. They make it sound so simple, complete with an example of a faux business, which is exactly the kind of thing that helps me...details.

Not everyone needs a media kit, but the following list, lifted lovingly from the article, helps you see if you qualify:

* are a publisher on or offline [this includes bloggers]
* own any website that sells ads
* are an artisan who is looking to get your work featured or sold
* are a designer who is looking for press or manufacturer
* a musician or in a band who is releasing new work
* a filmmaker whose film is ready to be released
* own a company who has a new product launch
* are opening a restaurant or shop

It's a great read, definitely worth bookmarking and sharing with others.