Ctrl + Z- day 7

Ctrl + Z- day 7
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First of all the clarity of this pic is astonishing. (There's a word I haven't used in a while.) Most of the time I want to hurl the dang thing across the room. At those times, as if it senses it, it reaches back and gives me a photo like this.

The title is the hotkey command in most PC programs to undo something. Which I what I did to this.

I didn't make this. It was a gift. I liked it. But chokers always make me feel like, well, I' being choked. I love the beads and the colors, it's kinda ethnic and earthy. My little bit of crafting time today was spent deconstructing it. I'm not sure exactly how it will be remade. It'll probably be a necklace but I'm not sure what. However it will most likely be a piece for me. :)