The beginning of a new line methinks

I just made these...well all right it was a few days ago. They're chainmaille, macrame, asymmetrical, wire wrapped...keyword overload. I'm thinking of starting a new line all with geometric shapes 'cause they're just plain cool. These earrings really have the same length, the asymmetrical-ness pertains to the beads going in opposite directions in the square. I should probably take another picture so that that's clear.

Available in my Etsy shop.



I'm still floating. I sold a necklace, a macrame necklace, the beachy one from a few entries ago. The buyer had hearted the necklace for a long time. And she bought it a few days ago. I'm gonna be shipping it off today. I've spent some of the earnings all ready, but must save the rest as I still don't have a 'real' job. But it still rocks.



I haven't been doing much. I need a job...so the parents say. My mom's convinced that if I get a job then LP by rJax will sell. I didn't bother reminding her that I didn't sell any better when I had a job.

Anyway I've found a list of places, sites, where I can promote my shop. So I'll be going over that. And maybe I'll try job hunting. I can't help it that it gives me knots in my stomach and steals my sleep.