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cleverviolet:: Summer Song Gocco Print

A beauteous print that reminds me of the spirographs that I used to make in elementary school. I like the geometrics mixed with the natural bird elements. The colors are great too.

From Clever Violet

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zephyr- finals

The semester is almost over. I can barely wait.


late night musings

So one of the top prep schools in the country is named College Preparatory School. I'm struck by the creativity lapse there. Wonder how that naming session went down. Or maybe they'd thought everything out and were about to accept their first pupils when they realized their future Ivy League superstar institution had to name...and went with the adjectives of what it was.

It got me to thinking, which is dangerous for my multiple-all-nighter comatose-y brain (thank you finals week), that someone should start a company and called it Work. Then people would say, "I'm going to Work," and it would have all kinds of double meanings. What kinda company Work should be?