Sale at LP by rJax

All LP by rJax listings from '06 are 25% off until the end of March! Only you can save them from being cut up and burned. MWAHAHAHA!



In time for spring:

Okay, so maybe the name isn't the greatest but I think it describes them in one word which is want I wanted. They are handknotted over wire (I think I should trademark this) in a mint green. They are based on the Convex earrings but are fancier and have only sterling silver components. Yeah, I'm movin' up. What! :P

Would you believe that the background in this is a piece of wood-look construction paper? I took this picture this morning in direct sun light because in my light box, with my wonderfull camera (see post below for how much I 'love' that camera), the colors were distorted.

New at LP by rJax, you can click the picture, as usual, for more information.


Picture taking is badness

I made new earrings. I bought some sterling silver earwires from Starry Designs, another Etsy sellers. BTW, I think I may convert to SS earwires except when I'm trying to make it casual and go with a dusky look. But you,(you?), I could just oxidize them. Anyway, they're super comfortable.

My problem is that my camera won't take nice pictures of the earrings. I, of course, am far from a digiphoto expert. (For the record I haven't seen anyone use digiphoto before. If you use it, please credit me with the invention...okay, I'm kidding.) But I don't recommend the Kodak Easyshare DX6490. It's driving me nuts, but I'll have to live with it until I have enough $$, which may take a few years, to be a nice new one that takes a picture of what is there doesn't change the colors. It's annoying.

Oh and I started a new blog. Why? Because I can. I shouldn't have, I have enough to do to keep this and the LJ one updated. I don't know why I stress myself out with an added blog.

So, new earrings are coming to LP by rJax in the very near future...if I ever manage to get a few nice pics.



As a designer (I quake a little calling myself that...it seems to lofty) I know I've changed and learned a lot.

Today, though, right now, I'm feeling really good. Not so much prideful, but confident. I listed some fairly simple earrings, macrame of course.
Convex- Macrame Earrings with Denim Lapis Lazuli chip beads
But the listing, the pictures, I don't know, they look so professional. I feel like, though they're simple and listing is something I'm pretty familiar with, I'm coming into my own. I'm figuring out myself, my designs, and how to present them. I feel different, though I haven't done much different. Today, though, right now, I'm feeling not so much prideful, but confident. I can do this. I feel good.


Redux in Olive

Okay, honestly I'm not sure how you pronounce that. Shhhh! :P I'm going to go with 'redo' but...say what you want. Anyway, I listed the olive ones that I just made. I need more colorful thread. I thought the red, orange and olive I bought were coloful. But we're headed into spring now. I need a spring-y colored thread. Maybe pink. Maybe not.

Here's a picture of the earrings. You can click it to get taken to the listing for more information. Tangent Redux in Olive- Macrame, Asymmetrical and Chainmaille Earrings

I think I'll list the orange ones next. After I finish them, of course. I'm not sure if I want to use blue or orange for the color bead. Maybe the sea-green.

Oh, and I'd been having a fight with Photoshop Elements. I decided I need to get more serious about promoting. So I've been looking into paying for advertisements on blogs. Right now I think it's easier to get some buyers who are already online that get buyers who aren't. Business cards are nice, but they're dang easy to lose.

Anyway, I was trying to make an animated GIF but the blasted program wouldn't cooperate. It would only let me save the top layer. Therefore no animation. I went to various Google groups and PSE help boards to no avail. I finally realized yesterday that I can't use the photo frame...at least not loading it in each frame. So I'll be trying again today, tomorrow.

And I'm in love with Metaliferous. I could totally blow all my money there.

As for other business decision, my Mom thinks I should make simple earrings, just some beads on an headpin. She thinks they would see. I don't have anything against beads-on-an-headpin design...but on Etsy, there are tons of earrings and that design doesn't really stand out. Maybe she's right and I should. Leave a comment about that if you have an opinion. (I'd appreciate it)

Long post. Guess I had a lot to catch up on in 5 days. OUT!


Sales are the greatest

Acrylic Bead Assortment Tangent in Purple- Macrame Earrings with Shell and Aventurine Accents

I sold both of the those on the 5th. That was exciting. First earring sale! I hope she likes them. I have to mail them today. Now I'm up to 15 sales.

I also finished the blog feature questions and emailed them. That had been a goal for this week...or maybe last week. I don't think I have any for this week. I need to list the red Curvatures. I want to at least.

I have a growing list of wants, things, mostly supplies, that I want to buy. Man 'I' is in this post alot. Grr...it makes me sound so me-centric. But making is fun again. It's best when it's not like work.


Tangent Mini in Chocolate Brown

I was looking at the bigger Tangents the other day. I'd had suggestions that I should try to make some smaller earrings. So I tried with Tangents. The original were 1.75" in diameter on the absoluter outer edge. These are 1.5". You can click the picture to see more information.