That's my first customer appreciation picture. It's for my Convex earrings. Well, they're her earrings now. Heh. I'm so happy. She also wants some custom earrings for me. I'm very happy about that. Still need to work out some details. I should get up some custom work policies. Hmmm...

I went to a graduation party today for two of Bro1's friends from church. It was nice. I didn't talk much, I never do. But it was nice.

I did see fireworks. I felt very American, though I know other countries do fireworks too. I went with my dad. Our vantage point wasn't the greatest but it was nice. It was a good show. I didn't bring the camera...so again, you'll just have to trust me. I wish they did them more often. I only ever see them for Independence Day. Though the boarding school down the street does do something when they have graduations. I'm not sure what because I never actually see anything.

I thought this would be a short entry...but no. I ramble when I write. I guess it's all the things I kinda want to say but never do.