thisnext:: to 2010

Dear New Year, may you rock!
Picks to help you get things done and be encouraged.

QueenvannaCreations:: Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar

Get this sweet handmade calendar from Queenvanna to adorn your desk or shelf and you'll never need another. Just keep rotating the blocks and you're all set.

Available in a variety of paper schemes and blank for you to create yourself.

From QueenVanna

The Container Store:: To-Do Lists

I like to make lists. Problem: I often use the backs of scrap paper or some such so my lists are usually lost before I can commit them to memory. Hence making another list, on another scrap of paper and...well, you can see where this is going.

These little books are great because they're narrow like a list normally is but all bound together...like a book normally is. hehe.

From The Container Store
DGU ceramic bank

Because you/I totally shouldn't. Just a little extra encouragement to keep saving, keep going.

From printliberation

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wb- holidays

spt-12.24, me, self-portrait, face, smile, christmas eve

I hope, dear readers, that you had a merry Christmas, or a happy day off from work/school if you don't celebrate Christmas. My day could be summed up in this tweet:

waffles are getting cooked, gifts wait to be opened, music is playing, cat is skittering around confused.

Good food and games followed while the Carpenters' Christmas played in the background. Even though I don't get quite revved up in the pre-holiday madness, Christmas always feels special a little magical.

Post Picture: Me on Christmas Eve. I think the anticipatory smiles fits for it almost being New Year's, too.


thisnext:: ornaments

Wishing you and yours a merry holiday!

midlifemodern:: atlas index stars by

The seller mentions 'wanderlust' in the copy about this ornament. I would say that suits. There is something rather fairy-like or magical...perhaps it's the nest of tinsel in the middle.

From midlifemodern

Zyklus (Cycle) Ornament Set

My brother loves to bicycle. Maybe for Christmas I'll get him a set of these. Shh!

From filzfelt

suzik:: Lavender Garden Party Temari Ball

Oh, the patience it must have taken to create this. And such precision and even stitching. Embroidery and ceramics are two crafts that I love but can't do. I admire work like this ornament. Divine!

From suzik

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wishing hoping praying

Looking forward to the new year. Trying to figure things out. And, oh yeah, Christmas. Kinda not feeling it this year what with the death of my mom's friend and another man who I barely knew. It's a little tough, but I have my family so it will be okay. Refocusing on what matters, on important things, higher things. And gnomes!

Post Picture:My eyes.n.brows. Have challenged myself to take a photo everyday, break out of the craft lethargy I allowed myself to sink into. Feels good.


minifolk begins

When his parents found out that Teddy
Was the name of a human toy
They decided that he'd be called Theo
For no one ought play with their boy.

You may remember that I made a video for Etsy earlier this year. I made some paper people in that video. Now I've opened a shop for them. And I've listed a gnome. He popped into my head a few days ago, but being swamped with end-of-semester projects, I wasn't able to work on him until yesterday. Spent the better part of the afternoon, measuring, slicing, rolling and gluing. When that moment came when he became reality and looked like the little gnome in my head it was truly magical. I love those moments.

His name is Theodrin. You can read all about him at Minifolk.


thisnext:: starless

starless:: Carnival Polymer clay Christmas ornament

Hello gorgeous! Any tree would instantly look better will this jewel on it. From starless.

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be a winner

Hello there!

A short post to let you know that I'm sponsoring a giveaway on stylesmith's blog Dedicated to Fashion. You can enter to win a pair of the earrings pictured above. As they say, no purchase necessary. Just tell me what your favorite item in my shop is and post in on the DoF official entry post. (not this one.)

The official entry post.



thisnext:: ninu

ninu:: Ninfea baby in coffee

I think this bag would be good for short trips when you only want to carry a few things. It's still stylish and has great interested in the design. It makes me happy.

From ninu.

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