So I took a break

I was getting obsessive and depressed about my shop. I still haven't sold anything in over a month and a half. This was particularly stressing because I tried hard to list everyday and bought another showcase in an attempt to 'make' a sale happen. I had someone inquire about a necklace that has since expired. It was gloomy for me.

I got caught up in helping my mom prepare a graduation party of a daughter of a friend of hers. It was nice to get lost at something. I also starting looking at *gulp* colleges. Eeek.

I happened on one by accident. I was actually looking for arts centers Connecticut to take a metalsmithing/jewelrymaking class. I found Rochester Institute of Technology. It has a lot of things that I would have wanted a college I attended to have. It's near Lake Ontario, so it will be cold in the winter. Lots of snow. I'm used that but had hoped to get away from really snowy winters. Still, I feel kind of drawn. Plus this was the first time that I read that I would need to have a portfolio, which I don't at all, and didn't panic. I actually thought 'Oh, I can do that'. I shocked myself.

Guess that's all. I'd like to have something new for the shop soon. I do have that thread and beads from a previous
post. Shall see.