day17- Tragic

day17- Tragic
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This is a sort of new earring design. It's based on the Convex. It's a fairly versatile shape. I finished this one this afternoon. I'm not completely satisfied with it. A little tweaking. I'll save the sterling from in and make it over.

I can't decide if I want to add beads to it. I think with it being black and white it'll be more wardrobe friendly. I could use black or white beads. Or grey/silver. I don't have any that color. I'd have to go to the bead store. Which isn't all bad. :P

I think a lot. I think myself in circles. I think myself in and out of things. Usually into headaches, physically, and out of being daring. I think all the time. A recent event had ratcheted (spl?) it up even more. I'm scaring myself because I'm thinking about that while thinking about something else at the same time. I think all the time. It's tiring. And not all profitable. I don't want to make mistakes so I try to think of everything that could go wrong. That's impossible of course. It doesn't stop me from thinking.

Then random thoughts will eek in. Like what is the purpose of finger hair? Couldn't we have evolved that out? (Microevolution is totally plausible.) If you have an answer leave a comment.