Continue 2.17

I feel I may reuse that title as I've reused others. I like short titles for posts, quickly summing up what the post is generally about. So as you may guess, I'm continuing.

'Tis a slow, rainy Sunday. I was gonna go for a walk, but cold AND rainy just isn't fun.

Yesterday I used courage I didn't know I had. I think it was courage. It was definitely a challenge. I wasn't glad at first, I can't say I'm glad now, but I am at peace. Which is good, and a change. I had been so conflicted. The change continues

I do hope to get some work done for a new item in my shop. However, I'm not sure I have all the stuff that I need for it. I'm not sure if I'm want to use these snap hooks or something like them. I don't think I NEED them. But, you know, conflict.

Post picture: Me holding a giant potato in front of one of the dining room windows. I can't figure a way to tie this into the post. It was just a zany pic for the Photopalooza. Love me!