Been Up to All Good

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I've dropped of the face of the Titled Unnecessarily world. I haven't posted an entry in four days. Oops.

I've been working on my room. Yes, still. I was given a deadline for finishing staining and I want to beat it I'm doing most of the work by myself and it's thankless and tiring. I want to do it myself...I think I need. I've taken off layers of wallpaper and paint, dealt withFumes of paint stripper and stain, gotten my hands really messy and sweaty and smelly. This has been going on for a long time.

My head kinda hurts now, but I'm close to finishing. I think. I hope. I have to be. I only have a window and a 2-foot section left to stain. This is a 'custom' mix of two stains because I refused to settle for Golden Oak stain after my original design idea didn't work. Then it'll have to be sealed. Then I can paint. *cheers*