I'm listening to my mom and Bro2 (that would be the youngest brother) talk in the kitchen. The conversation is meandering all over the place and cracking me up.

She told him Alex Trebek had a heart attack. He had no idea who that was. "Is that a poet?" he asks. When she tells him who he is Bro2 says, "Oh, the Jeopardy man has a name?"

Then he got confused and was wondering how our near 70-year-old aunt was going to have twins. She's not. It's her daughter-in-law that's pregnant.

Then they're discussing what my mom would want to be called if she ever became a grandmother. At the moment, she's nowhere closer to being a grandmother. She's ruled out Granny but has made up all kinds of other odd names. Grandmama A. I don't like that. Bro2 didn't either.

It was funny to me, the whole odd thing.