Weekend Blurble- O.O.O.O.O

Quilt Square- Done

Spent waaay too much time this weekend looking at the Olympics, reading about the Olympics...writing about the Olympics. It's interesting how they captivate the world, how unifying athletics can be.

I'm gonna have to push myself to get anything done. I finished my custom request in terms of burning and drawing. Now I must seal and magnetize. I'm excited about it. I hope she likes them.

Mom finished the invites she was making for the woman who placed that in-flux commission with me. They looked really nice. I'll have to see if I can get a pic of one of the proofs. I get a cut since I edited the picture, retook the picture, edited that picture. We ended up using a blend of two photos. Yeah, Photoshop!

She also thinks, my dear mother, that I should do two markets on Thursday. I think that's a little bit much, especially since, now, our tent is broken. Dad and Bro1 returned it...but now I don't have one. I miss it. I want to take the week off...but I shouldn't. I shouldn't.

Post Picture: An old pic of a little something I'm gonna try again. I want new things to launch in September. That may be one of them. Maybe.