spt and scarf

I finished my second ever knitting project and my first lace project. I think it turned out pretty darn well. (after I frogged it) I'm loving bamboo yarn. It's so soft and has a luxe sheen to it. It had a lot of...plys? Is that what you say? They were a lot of threads that made up the single yarn...cord?

As mentioned before the pattern is from knitty. I'd like to make it again, with a thicker yarn in a darker color and change the pattern a bit.

The self portrait you can see on my flickr.

Post Picture: Closer-up of the pattern of my scarf. Bro2 promptly said, "This is for show, right?" since we live in CT and a scarf with holes doesn't make sense to him. heh...men.



Lots has been going...in my head mostly. I need a place to write it out, stop the cyclical thoughts. It's draining. Not here, here's not the place. I have 8 kazillion notebooks for the purpose. But I don't feel like getting them off the shelf, finding a pen (they all disappeared with 2 weeks of the start of the semester), and doing it. So I keep thinking and wondering, debating, contemplating. *headdesk*

I will take some pictures, sometime this week, before all the leaves are gone. I will write down my thoughts...in one of my many books. I will take time to work on non-school projects. I need that outlet. School is driving me crazy for reasons that have little to do with workload. I will turn my frustration into something positive. I will make actions out of my endless thinking. I will...keep going.


thisnext:: infusion

infusion:: Organic Baby Boots Leaf Green

I won't use the obvious words that could be used to describe these...as they could be used to describe almost every clothing item for babies.

Dear little booties, made of all natural fabrics with little button accents. *squee!*

From infusion

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Looking over some old pictures I'd taken I realized...I can only be me. I have to be me. Like Tigger...I'm the only one.

Yes, I can and should seek advice when I need it. Yes, I will get advice when I don't want it. No, I won't do everything right. But it's okay.

Post Picture: From the park earlier this summer.


thisnext:: shellieartist

shellieartist:: Out on a Whisper Original fabric on wood art

A lovely work of art by one of my Twitter pals. I've known her for a while but hadn't full checked out her work. She captures so much movement and depth in the way she pieces the fabrics together. Just divine.

From shellieartist

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The new month is already nearly two days old. Amazing. September flew by in a mix of sample making, contest-voting and school work. Now the air has turned almost bitterly brisk and I have a huge apple cider craving.

Post Picture: I bought bamboo yarn a while ago from Wicked Westie. It's sumptuous, but at the time I didn't know how to knit. I've since learned the basics and searched all over the internet for a pattern...and a guide to reading knitting instructions.

I found this one on knitty. Youtube'd some videos to help with the stitches I didn't know how to do and went to it.

About half-a-skein in, I realized that what I was knitting was NOT looking like the pattern and frogged it all...then i took a picture. The yarn all crimpy from being unraveled reminded me of ramen noodles.

Started over and have made way fewer mistakes. It's really pretty and almost done. :)