WB- Thots of the Weekend

It has long been a pattern with my family that socially, when it rains it pours. We could have nothing planned for weeks. Then everyone and everything demands we be at the same place/same time. Such was the case this weekend. Had two birthdays, a family gathering and a church obligation.

Resisting the urge to make this a long account of what I did, I'll give you a list...because I love lists:

  • Siblings shouldn't be on the same Taboo team. It's not fair to the team with no siblings. Just sayin'.

  • So far, alcohol is disappointing. I'm sad about this a little bit. So many people enjoy it.

  • Sometimes it feels good to say, 'no' to family when saying, 'yes' would have made you a pushover.

  • The phrase, 'Painting yourself into a corner' is talking about painting the floor, not the walls...like I've thought (and been confused about) my whole life minus a day.

  • Toddlers are amazing, provided they're well-behaved. It's so cool to watch their little minds work. Even cooler to give them back to their parents, haha!

  • I don't like chocolate...almost at all, but I do like brownies...a lot!

  • I'm moving my Etsy shop here!!!!! June 20th.

That's about it, I think. There may be some further blog changes and other news about the shop change. I really feel this is right. I'm pretty excited.