Brush in hand
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I can't believe it's almost Christmas...ish. I can't believe the year's almost over. I can't believe I just made a wristlet in one sitting. :P I'll adjust though.

I finished a practice SAT yesterday. My score was about 1900, the thing would be graded on a curve so it's an estimate. I guess that's not bad. It's better than average. But I really want to pull up my math score. Grr...never liked math. (There's a long story why I haven't taken this test yet, but, well, it's boring.)

I should have new wristlets to list in the coming days. This is good because I'm down to one in the shop. I ran out of the lining fabric that I used in that one, but I have others, not quite as colorful. I need to go looking for more.

Pretty much everyday I'm uncovering something new about myself. Some strange belief I've held onto for too long, something that makes no sense. It's amazing what sticks in my head sometimes. I'm getting better. Slowly. Like progress on my room. Ha, I'll get this done if...well, I just say I'll get it done.

Post Picture: My hand as I stain the closet door in the sunroom. I had to take it out of my bedroom.