about bad movies

How it started:

Tweetpal asks, "Nicholas Cage, what are you doing?"
I reply, "Is that with regards to his new movie, Season of the Witch?"
She says, "yes lol."

Now, Nicholas Cage is one my least favorite actors. Also on the list are Steven Segal and Keanu Reeves. So the movie has a huge strike against it even without knowing the plot. But I was wondering the same thing as my tweetpal. However, the general 'what-the---?' reaction as things exploded and Little Dorrit whispered and capes swirled was contrasted with a sense of intrigue. This would be a bad movie, not matter who was the lead actor, it was just not going to be good. I was annoyed at myself for getting to the point where if the local theater gets that movie, I just might go on their discounted ticket day. (Tuesday) Supporting an actor I don't like is a capital offense. But why? Why am I almost willing to fork over my hard-earned money and two precious hours of my life to see something that I know in advance I will. not. like.? (strange punctuation-ing there...apologies)

Then I found this article, while searching the title of the movie. Apparently, I'm not alone in-

  • a) being fairly certain that this isn't award-winning filmmaking.

  • b) wondering what it is that causes me/us to want to watch such badness.

The article: When Does a Bad Movie Become a Must Watch Spectacle?
I have no real answer.