Goodness, where has my writerly inspiration gone? I can think of nothing to say, rather can only report, that I listed today, relisted and listed. Quite pleasing.

I'm really liking my Box Top Photography pics. I took some more pics of supplies. I'm liking how I can play with that surface, move it around, walk around it, more easily than I can a table or some such thing. It's more portable, I can take it to where the light is best. Unfortunately, it only works for small items. I have a lot of those, but I like to use colorful backgrounds, especially for the magnets.

As for my personal challenge to complete an item everyday, I'm faltering, though today is not over yet. Last week yielded 4 pairs of earrings. (only one is listed, the rest need posts) So far, nothing this week. But I did photograph supplies that I'd been putting off for a while.

Post Picture: It's a pretty little setup in sepia (thanks to Photoshop) of a gift box with this magnet in it. I seriously adore the picture. If/when I get my own off-Etsy website, this will be on it somewhere.