Okay so something good did happen today. While my shop didn't get any sales, I did get 3 new hearters (I just typed that URL...which you can't see, from memory...sad!) That is a record for me.
So that's kind of exciting. I need to stop being jealous of other people success and work on getting some of my own and enjoying the success I do get...even if it's not what I'd prefer.
So today is my 6 month anniversary on Etsy. My first listing expired today. Though actually it's probably only one of my firsts because I did renew a few. I feel old. And a little depressed. I've had 5 sales all of them under $8. I've bought 4 things, yet somehow have 10 positive feedback. I have 53 hearters...people who like my shop. So I guess it's not all bad...just not what I'd have wanted at 6 months.

I also need to start really looking for an off-Etsy job because I'm getting broker.

Hopefully something good will happen today.