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Weekend Blurble- Zippity

Took some time and rephoto'd two of my bracelets. They're the two nameless ones. I'm pleased. I made three pairs of earrings over the weekend as well. I order earwires and wallet-sized pics to make into cards. That may have to wait a while yet. Anyway, I'm blasting things off the list.

I really need to do better at the markets this week. I only had 3 sales between the two last week. Ooh, but I did get interviewed for a small local paper. Ha! That's good, right?

Have the opportunity to do 3 other shows. Yeah, I'll have to probably just pick one though. They're real craft shows and kinda close together in terms of time and expensive. Mom doesn't seem to understand that. Not sure why.

The Livejournal Writer's Block question today asked if there was a someone you missed? Uh, thanks. Just when I get some distance...(insert long story that's been vaguely documented here)

Post Picture:One of the bracelets I rephoto'd.