I'd been doing pretty good the last two weeks in preparation for the market. It's all gone to pot the last two DAYS because I'm just so tired. I don't want to think about creating right. Am I supposed to feel this spent? It was a huge production to get that together and now...I just want to rest. Still, against my real desire, I've signed myself up to go back to the market next Thursday. My mom's all gung-ho. I'm thankful for her. By the time I've set-up I feel I've done all I can do, invested part of myself in the process. Let the pieces speak for themselves. But that's not how it works. So she does help. I really do love my mom. :)

Um, I need to individually photo the other Dots. And I have a bracelet, 3 wristlets, 3 sets of coasters and two magnets sets to photo as well. The work never ends. I also need to work on my site. I want at least a bio page up this year. I have the domain. Discipline, where art thou?

I really want to try something new. I got an idea, in my creative surge, involving resin. I think it will be cool. I've sworn off buying new supplies unless it's an ongoing need like earwires, until I've listed some more in my destash shop. I discovered a lot of things that I'm probably not gonna use. So...new things are coming. Hopefully, I'll get the stamina to keep up with it all.

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