I'm destashing. That's an Etsy term for selling supplies even if you're not strictly a supplies shop. It was unintentional. I was cleaning up my room where my supplies are stored. Sometimes I couldn't help but smile, remembering the projects that some of the things were intended for. Some finished, some never started. Others I just way over-bought with no desire to make any more of whatever it was...as is the case with those bells. I made stockings out of felt as part of my Christmas gifts to some family members a few years ago. The cat sat on the leftover felt, ruining it with her super-shedding self. So I have bells and faux fur left. Not sure if I'll list the fur.

It's rainy here. Cold and rainy. If I ever complain about the heat this summer, just point me back here. Goodness, I'm so over cold. *sigh*