Show and Tell

Yep, I did my first show. All the angst and sweat and tears...okay, there weren't any tears, but all the work, I think was worth. It was supposed to be me and some Etsyans, but they weren't able to make because of the weather. (IMO, weather in CT has gotten incredibly spotty. It wasn't bad where I live/show was) In fact, it had been cancelled, but I was in such a zone, I didn't check my email until I got back.

I will call it a success! I should two pairs of earrings. Got a lot of lookers, handed out some business cards and got a lot of compliments. I'm talented! I really started to believe it when I made a floor length tablecloth in one day with no pattern, just a yardstick, a seamstress' tape measure, marking pencil and 7 yds of clearance fabric.

You can see more pics from the show on my Flickr.

And as a sort of celebratory present, my business cards came. I like them a lot. Their niceness makes up for the fact that they weren't here in time for this show. I'll have to get a pic of them tomorrow.