Here and There

I am alive. Can't believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday.

The last parts of my jewelry commission came. It's looking like I'll have spent about $60 in supplies, and this for 'costume' jewelry. I needed enough for 14 necklaces and 14 earrings. So I have too many of some things but it couldn't be helped, things sold by the strand and stuff.

I've made one set so far. I'm trying to keep in simple. She wants them to be favors for some young girls, 3-17. No wire wrapping or sterling. Silver-tone, with glass beads, I just couldn't do plastic, and butterfly charms. They're cute. I'll take pics before I give them to her.

Oh, and I've gotten another commission, not jewelry, that may lead the introduction of yet another new product at elpy. They'll be similar to a certain item I already have. Haven't worked out the details yet. Still thinking.

The friends have concluded their whirlwind tour of southern New England. It's back to life as usual. I'm glad. I like doing stuff...but all that back to back left me a little exhausted.

I'm beginning to think I was a little crazy when I thought, "Hey, I'll make three Etsy shops!" But I love them all. I believe I made the right choice, separating things the way I have, supplies, photography, and jewelry and accessories. It flows better. I just need to promote them more.

I had a dream last night, about The One I Miss. It was ridiculous, as dreams often are. Still...I just can't believe how much I have wanted/do want...something. I try to deny it, but it comes out in my sleep and disturbs the rest of the day. I tell myself that one day the whole thing may be as silly to me as others have been. But I don't think so. It's rocked me, and I'm not sure I like it.

Post Picture: Newest listing at rJax.