In the Wind

    Wake up
    Get dressed
    Make list of items to be available at rjax
    Make list of items to be available at elpy
    Burn 1 set or more of magnets
    Look for supplies for jewelry commission

The list for today is longer than that but I didn't want to get into it all. Since this post where I exulted a little too much, I haven't done so well with list-making. In fact I'd left off with it altogether. So I'm back to it. I accomplish more this way. I need that structure.

I'm thinking of changing the name of this to Not Rachel because I am not Rachel. Wherever I go people think that's my name. Usually there is a Rachel there so I guess they think if there's one Rachel why not have two. It kinda cracks me up and makes me certain that I will not name my daughter Rachel because they people would never keep us straight. Dad and Bro1 have an issue sometimes...sharing the same initial.

There is a lot of hope for this month as I try to figure out, more definitively, where I'm going with all of it, where it's taking me. Shall see.