I searched high and low yesterday. I wanted to buy a bench block. I didn't want to overpay. I saved $.18 on the one I bought. Er...a bit of a sickness I suppose. Bargain hunting. There was no rush or anything. When you're strapped for coin you do what you can.

I still need a saw and metal. But sometimes this year, hopeful before fall, I'd like to have some metal jewelry in my shop.


I need supplies

I really want to buy some metalworking supplies. However when I add up what I want, it's more expensive then I thought. Yes, I'm the child of math majors...that's doesn't necessarily mean I'm any good at it.

Anyway, my MACRAME earrings are all 10% off now:

I should probably make that an animated GIF but I really don't want to fight with Photoshop to make it right now.



I like one word titles for blog posts. Easier to link I guess. I don't know.

Anyway, I'm in a quandry again. I got lots of hearts but no sales from the showcase. I did get a sale but I think it was from Treasury, because it was a listing that was in Treasury.

I think about LP by rJax all the time. It's stressing me out. I'm wondering if I'm emotionally ready to try to make this a business. I just don't know.

I want supplies to make some metal earrings. But I'm not sure it's worth it to buy more materials just to have the pieces sit there in my shop for months. I should create for myself and not to sell. But if it's a business, well...(technically it's not a business, yet)

And I need my own computer. Badly. Dad's put another stupid content watch thing on ours. I hate them. My networking skills for my shop are already pretty bad. This thing only makes them worse. GRRR!

That's it. No pictures. Flickr is one of the sites it blocks.



There I am
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So today is my birthday. I'm also in the showcase on Etsy. This is my first time being in the showcase. I picked a date I'd remember, but I should have remembered that it's also kinda close to tax day here in the US.

But there I am. It looks so pretty. I feel special...even though I paid to be there. I'd do it again. But I'll have to wait until later next month. Hopefully I'll get a sale so I can afford to sign up again.

Free shipping on anything in the store, too.


Tangent Redux in Royal Blue- Asymmetrical Macrame and Chainmaille Earrings

Newly listed:

They're really blue and so very American-ly patriotic. And France, too...and whoever else has a blue,red and white flag. :P

You can click the picture for more information.

That's all I have to say really. Potholders are still on clearance. Tomorrow I'm in the showcase...hoping I get a sale. Tomorrow I turn 21! Eeek!



I feel so special, which has been happening oftener. (not a word, but it's my blog)
I realisted these today. I posted them in one of the gazillion forum threads about newly listed items.

Another seller saw my earrings and proceeded to heart almost every pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a wristlet, in my shop. She, at least I'm assuming the seller is a she because most Etsy sellers are, also hearted my shop. I was so tickled by this that I laughed. You really never know what'll happen on Etsy. Guess that's why I love it so much.


Blooming Lily

I had been venting the other day on here, about Etsy and life. I didn't realize that I got two comments on that post. This is what one of the them said:

elleabelle said...
Oh! Don't despair! I go through the same thing with my shops! I go through weeks where there is NOTHING and then I will get a few sales. I think your macrame earrings are really cool looking. I will do a post on them and try and get you some more traffic!!

April 09, 2007 8:45 PM

And today she did:

Those are the Original Tangent in Chocolate Brown Earrings. You can read what she said by clicking here.



Well I heard back from one of the blogs. It was actually a possible consignment but the girl that runs the shoppe also runs a blog and I found out about the shoppe from the blog and...Well, she said no. She liked my earrings but the jewelry section of her shoppe was too loaded and she needed to fill out the other sections. *sigh*

At least I got a response. And she was very nice about it. I don't know why I always think people will write back in all CAPS and say, "YOUR STUFF SUCKS!" or something like that. Part of my pessimistic realist. I'd rather be surprised than disappointed.

Anyway, Mom bought a pair of Leaflets. She's from that flower child era. She understands macrame. I'm not sure how much of a market there is for it to be honest. But I'm no good at traditional beading. I have no patience for it.

Maybe metal. Or maybe I should just keep going. I do get hearts. But macrame isn't big now. *sigh*

I finished the royal blue Tangent Reduxes. No pic yet. I'm not going to let this get me down because I do have some things to mail. Which feels good.


New blog

Stop screaming...it's not my blog. Wish it was, the idea is great. It's sort of a new way to feature sellers...and a reason to chat it up in Etsy forums.


It is April...yes?

That picture was taken today. Grr! I want it to be spring...warmer than 30 degrees. Silly Connecticut weather.

So my ad went live on Anything Indie. Look on the right-hand side. It's the LP by rJax one. I'm rather pleased with myself. Though I hope I get a sale to recoup the cost of setting it up.

I think I may have bite the bullet and use my computer money to buy some sterling silver and a jeweler's saw and the other things to make these earrings that I've had an idea for for months. I almost can't stand it.

I did get a sale today. It was a PIF ($.20) and I haven't gotten paid for it, so I'm not really counting it yet. I'm hoping this month will be different and I'll get more than that sale. If not, I may have to quit. Get a real job and go to school and figure out something else. Get famous some other way, then they'll be sorry.

I have sent emails to other blogs. Haven't heard anything back from them yet in the way of 'yea' or 'nay'.

Tomorrow, which comes in 55 minutes, I'd like to finish the brown Curvatures and the royal blue Tangent Reduxes. I'm not sure what color bead to use with the royal blue, though. Red seems like a cop-out. But none of the other colors match.

Oh well, goodnight for now.



My emotions toward my shop and extending to life in general change almost hourly. I'm really low right now. I haven't been here in months...and that had been good. But a conglomeration of events, most of them small, broke me. I'm just tired. It feels like I have to fight a million people to get one view on anything. Much less a hearter and sales? I'm about to go another month with nothing. I can't take this much longer. I'm going to try to list everyday this month. Why not keep building up my debt to the world? That'll be $6 at the least. I'm in the showcase this month on my birthday. My birthday. I'll be 21 and I couldn't scareder or angrier. Meh!

I'm tired of fighting, of trying to make this work. Not just Etsy, everything. No one around me understands. I don't know who can help me. I'm alone...but I've been alone for a long time. Creating is something I love and I'll probably always do it. But it looks like it's the corporate world or bust. I hate the corporate world...working in it. It ties my stomach in knots...just thinkin' about it.

Well, this wasn't encouraging. It wasn't that carthatic for me either. I better stop before I start crying again.


My stamps

My stamps
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I bought these on Ebay for a great price after doing alooooot of looking around. I'm so happy. I'm going to use them for a new grand idea that I've had for a while. It's kinda burning a hole in my brain...I just want to try to make them. (More jewelry. There can never be enough.) I don't have the rest of the supplies, though...like the metal to punch them with.

These are 1/8". They're smaller than I thought. They look like toys, but they're heavy. I can't wait to use them.