Just got paid

I earned the easiest $50 ever today. Okay, maybe I shouldn't announce that. I was babysitting this girls I've known pretty much their whole lives. They're crazy but I love them. Looks like, I can buy some metal. Oh yeah! Though, of course, I'm torn. There are so many supplies I want. I really want the metal though and I've been waiting for so long. I'm excited.

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Blurble 6.29

I have a distint feeling I will use the title Blurble again. So I dated it this time.

Those potholders have 5 hearters. This suprised me. Of all the ones I've listed I was sure these would be among the first to get sold. But yet, here they are. None of the other sets have as many hearters and the ones that have sold weren't hearted at all if I remember correctly. To figure out the buying public. I need to take a class or something.

I got nice feedback today. From Flibbertyjibbet. She's currently a buyer only who loves potholders...at least from her feedback.
These pot holders are ever so delightful! I used them last night to pick up my pasta pot and drain it. Yay!

That made me feel good. I'm happy, she's happy.

Had theater today. One of these days I'll have to take the camera so I can post pics of the crowded, unventilated room I work in. It's fun, though. We didn't do much work. That might tick off the director ladies. *shrugs* Some things can't be helped.


Bits and Pieces and Ice Cream

[bit 1]
That's another of the random pics I took recently. I was thinking about it and I realized I've thought about pursuing photography for about 7 years. I just had crappy cameras to work with so I got annoyed and never did pursue it. Again, how good I am I'm not sure. But I enjoy it.

[piece 1]
I saw a huge circle punch at Michael's today. I really wanted it. Not because I have anything to punch. But it was really cool. And I do want to start a second Etsy shop for photography and paper goods. Then I found a 50% off coupon on the floor. I left the punch there. It was $17. I couldn't swing that even with the coupon. I didn't buy any more beads either. I need to start carrying beads that I have with me. I just keeping buying stuff that doesn't really match what I have.

[bit 2]
More thoughts on college. My mom's talking about how hard the school that's my top choice will probably be to get into. I don't know why she would say that. It's taken me 3 years to make up my mind. I'd have thought she'd let go of the realism for a little while. I have enough for both of us. My dad hasn't said much about it.

[ice cream]
We found so off-beat ice cream shack on Sunday. They give you a lot of ice cream but it's inexpensive and it tastes good. On Sunday I got a brownie sundae. Today I got a vanilla soft serve waffle cone. It was so yummy. I didn't need it. But it was sooo hot and the ice cream was sooo cold.



It's crazy hot here. Okay, it's not Tempe or Orlando, but it's in the 90s. I didn't want to turn on my air conditioner because I didn't want them all running at once. So I went outside to swing.

We still have a swingset, though none of us are little children anymore. It's a freakin' mammoth set made of redwood so adults can swing too. For a few minutes I was a child again and it felt so good. Pumping back and forth, not worrying about theater (the directors are kind, well...mean) or choosing a college, or the books I'm trying to write or my Etsy shop. I just swung. Back and forth. It did have a cooling effect.

Then it started to rain so I came back inside. I stayed out for a little while though. (This I wouldn't have done as a child because my hair would have 'gone back'. Only a select group of people will understand that) It was nice. Relaxing.


I don't get it

What was wrong with the old light bulbs? Besides the fact that they didn't last as long as fluorescent ones, why did we make the switch? (By 'we' I mean my family?) I guess, they're supposed to be energy-saving or something. They make my pictures look bad, though. I'm not going to post one because I'm too mad.

I was going to list some earrings, but the pictures came out terrible and I was too peeved to retake them. Actually, I think all the photos in my shop need to be retaken. This makes me very sad. It's so time-consuming and my camera is so temperamental that I just procrastinate and everything falls into a sort of disarray. *sigh* And I have to share a computer with 4 other people so editing them won't be fun.

Okay, I'm done venting now. Thanks!


Up too late

Originally uploaded by nooccar
I don't want this to count as my post for the day just because it's one of those things that I'll scratch my head about when I'm become sane again.

I'm up too late, surfing Flickr. I found this picture through the Explore tags. I don't know why I thought of blogging it. It just really appeals to me at the moment. That and cake, not together cause that's just nasty.

It's Polish ketchup. Actually it's McDonald's ketchup in Poland. I'm not sure if the tomatoes were Polish. (I just realized that it's really important the I capitalize that 'P' or else it would be read ad pawlish- like shoe polish- which would be really gross) I'm approaching overtiredness.

Anyway, I think this photo is cool. Now, to bed with me before my eyes shut down on me.



Wet Leaf
Originally uploaded by lpdesigns
It rained. I took this pictures after it stopped. I have another shot that I like better. I'm also playing around with some cropping. I seriously have photography on the brain. But I really should work with the supplies I already have.


I lived

Okay, I didn't do anything all that grand. I just wnet to the meeting for the crew for the play. I met my crew-mates. They're hilarious. I didn't say a whole lot, they talked about people from their school, but it was fun. I'm glad I chose to do this. It's making me want things from life. I was so apathetic for so long.

I'm ix-naying the dark philosophic stuff, now. :)
I should go make something. Etsy is still taking a while to put up new listing, but I should keep creating, right? So I have something to list...eventually.

Oh, and one totally random question: Why do so many guys have such nice eyelashes? I'm not one to quibble endlessly about eyelashes and the shapes of my fingernails, normally. But there was this guy at the rehearsal yesterday and his eyes were almost entrancing. Slightly pathetic, I guess. But it's true.

So there, you have two sides from me: dark and thoughtful, slightly crazy and random.



I like to come up with witty or subject appropriate titles. Today, I got nothin'. I wanted to update here, though.

I haven't made anything in a while, because all I can think about is photography and paper goods. I'd really like to open a second etsy shop. I think I have a name for it. But I don't have the inventory. Still, I think about it all the time.

Today is the first day that I go to work on the backstage stuff for the community play. So I'm occupied, the 'rents are happy. (I actually don't like that word.) I'm not employed, this is volunteer stuff.

Still searching for some sidebar widgets? If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. :)


From the far side

Okay I'm not sure where the title came from. My head hurts and it's getting late so I'm may a little out of it. I wasn't going to post today. Then I asked myself why. I didn't have an answer. (Which is probably good. If I start answering myself then I'm really crazy. :P)

A different view

These potholders sold today. It was the first time I didn't almost fall out of my chair with excitement. Since I'd gone over 2 months without a sale I should have dropped down on my knees and thanked God. But for some reason I'd had a feeling for awhile that a sale was coming. It had to be coming. So I expected it. I am happy though. I'm not surprised it was these either. It's always the things that I think no one will like that sell first.

I watched Memoirs again with my mom. She liked it. I liked it better this time, since I knew what to expect. I'm still mad that they didn't put in the book's ending.

I changed the sidebar background to white. But as you can see it stops after the content. Anyone have suggestions for more sidebar widgets? I don't want to clog it, but I need to add something get the sidebar white to the bottom.

We ran into a lady from our old church. She said I was pretty. I just smiled. I don't hear that often. Or maybe I do and I don't listen.


Away from normalcy

For some reason Blogger just ate my post. I'll to try to remember all the things I said before.

There is a lot of backstory involved with that commercial. It's a McDonald's commercial, that I just saw last night during the NBA finals. It has to be among the worst ever. But I laughed because it was so horrible and because it reminded me of this:

Brother2 and I were Christmas shopping last year in Target. In the aisle over from us, a woman was on her cell phone. She was looking at the books and would say every few moments, "Call girls...no." Sometimes she would change it up a bit and say, "Call girls, mo-bile...no."

I was getting a little freaked out, unnerved is probably a better word. This went on for several minutes. The two of us wondered what in the world she was talking about, who she was talking to, why weren't they getting it. Yet, if she was frustrated she didn't let on. It was like this was common. She must not have known how crazy she sounded to us.

Then it occurred to me, thanks to techno-savvy Brother2, that the woman was probably trying to call her daughters on their cell phone. She had in her Bluetooth, though she wasn't really pushing her cart anymore. I suppose she wanted to dial hands-free. But I'm not lying when I say she must have fussed with her phone for about 10 minutes. She was already asking when we came into hearing range. For all that she could have just dialed the number and been done with it.

I'm not sure if the humor of that situation comes across in prose. But it was hilarious to us, then. We still will randomly say to each, in the monotone of that lady, "Call girls...no." Then we'll crack up.

So this commercial was helped a little by that, the correlation made it funny. Seriously, I don't know how it made it to television, though. But then I'm not sure if maybe that sandwich is worse.



Being optimistic is draining. Isn't that a great opening line. I know in the previous entry I was all ecstatic about the magnets I bought. And I still am. But it's getting hard again to happy about anything else. I'm sick of being this way. I just would like a small mite of success.

I did list today. It's a supplies listing. I've been going through my beads and other supplies. I have a lot of stuff. Some of it I'll never use but I'm not sure it's worth listing because after fees and shipping I'd probably only have $.25. But I'd take any sale now. I tried to put it up yesterday but the site crashed. I didn't try again.

I rented Memoirs of a Geisha DVD from the library yesterday. I watched it between making dinner and watching So You Think You Can Dance. :P I had read the book earlier this year. Maybe even last year. It was good, the book, though somewhat morally off-center. The language was amazing, especially since it was written by an American man and not translated. It was so different than the language I'm used to.

The movie I wasn't as happy with. (I realize I just ended back-to-back) sentences with a preposition.) If I hadn't read the book I would have probably liked it more. The costuming and many of the settings are beautiful. But the plot didn't follow the book, they left out the beginning and the end. I realize there are time constraints and not everything can be like the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice. Or the recent Jane Eyre rendition. But there was a lot in those sections that developed the main character and answered questions of what happened at the end. *sigh* I think I get too attached to books and don't allow for creative interpretation by the movie people. But they left out the beginning and the end!


Mine! Mine! Mine!

I bought these, today. They're from mlee I saw them on herFlickr and I loved them. She listed them today so I bought them. Haha! My pretties.

I went to Joann's this weekend with my mom and purchase a smallish piece of black suede. I'd been looking on Ebay for a piece but they were huge. I didn't want to pay all that and then be stuck with it if it's not the right kind. The piece at Joanns was perfect. So I'm inching closer to having the supplies and the tools for two projects that I've had for a long time.

It's odd. The more supplies I buy, the more I need because I come up with ideas that involve things I don't have. My list now involves a lot of one-time purchases though, like a dapping block and a tumbler. Maybe I'll get a Gocco one day. Maybe.


You callin' me out? :P

So I haven't been able to be on the computer as much as I would like or used to do. No, still no job. Just have to share.

I checked through forums though and saw a thread by GryWinther called 'You know you've spent too much time on Etsy when......' and this is how it started.

- you start to look for milk and bread in there.

- you go to the grocey store looking for milk and bread
and find yourself wondering how much the shipping
will be.

- you cross your fingers you remeber your Paypal

- you go home with your milk and bread and wonder why
it`s not wrapped in bubble plastic and comes in an
nice envelope with your name and address on, and
why on earth it didn`t arrive in your mail box.

- you remind yourself to give the store feedback later.

- finally you can`t wait to show off your milk and
bread to your friends and colleagues.

I have done many of these, especially wanting to leave a store either offline entirely or a private off-Etsy site, feedback It's amazing how ingrained certain things can become.


I wood really like this

I'm mad that this picture won't show up bigger than that. Maybe I can find another one.

Anyway, I found this on Thisnext. I'm getting a little hooked to that site. I think this keyboard is really cool. I read on another blog, that I found in my failed pursuit of a better picture, that one like this costs $2500. Yow! Looking at it is free. :)



You may have notice a new badge on the sidebar from Thisnext. It's my latest toy for social bookmarking. I've tried several. I may lose interest in this one soon. But for now, it's fun.

Anyway I found something rather odd there yesterday. (It's even more odd to me that a guy linked it.) Anyway, I started a forum thread about it. I fully expected the thread to die, because, well, that's what usually happens to threads I start. The thing has 65 replies.

Guess, I'm just tackling tough social issues. :P


As for me

It looks like I may be working backstage in a community theater rendition of Fiddler on the Roof. I didn't want to do it because I rarely want to do anything I haven't done before for fear of failing or being rejected. They said they would call me. They always need people to work backstage. I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Yesterday I tried stamping. I bought stamps a long time ago, a bench block not so long and had a hammer. It's aluminum flashing so it shows on the other side, but man it was fun. Need a better set-up though. There's also an itty-bitty cut that I made with my saw. Couldn't resist.


Another Small Step

My saw
Originally uploaded by lpdesigns
The initials of this post spell a bad word. I should change it.

Well, the saw came today. I'm very excited about this. I got it on eBay and it came with 144 blades. It's probably low-end but I didn't want to blow alot only to find out I hate metalsmithing.

I have about 3 ideas that will involve metal so I needed a saw. I have a book, so I'll be learning as I go. I don't have the money to take a class, yet. The ones around here are like $300. I learn pretty well from a book. The ideas I have involve mostly straight lines, so hopefully not too hard.

I'm going to need a tool box soon. I'm currently storing my tools in the packaging they were shipping in. That's not going to work for much longer. My room is junky enough.


I don't know these guys

Seriously, I don't know them. But I recently was video-hopping on Youtube and found this video. Shows how whacked my sense of humor can be.