Now 4.09

Just sitting here, getting ready to blog, I realized I'm pretty happy with where I am. That's something I haven't thought or felt in a long time.

I miss the Internet like crazy, though. I wish I could tweet or blog some of the random things people say and do. (I'm an observer) but I can't even have my cell phone on me for most of the day. I'm working now, processing tax forms. That's probably all I can say without going to jail...and that might be too much. It's boring, but it's non-stop so that kinda un-bores it. Plus, we've gotten good enough, the people that work around me, that we can talk and work at the same time. I'd been out of this arena for a long time. I don't like the window-less room or the fluorescent lighting but it's not as bad as I thought it would be when I applied.

I'm also looking forward to my birthday. (not about to give out the actual date) There's no real reason, nothing special planned, I just am not dreading it, which someone my age shouldn't do anyway...I'm still on the lower side of the hill. I have dreaded every birthday for about 3-4 years. Another change.

There are things I still don't understand, don't like, wish were different about myself and various situations around me. But I have hope for them, that something good will happen if I just keep going. That's the challenge. I think I can do it.

Post Picture: It was to be a magnet for my mom's Bible study group but somehow the 'order' fell through. heh.