Blurble 7.16

I'm really enjoying this summer weather. It's not very hot so the humidity is bearable. When it's not raining (and it's done lots of that) it's very pretty.

Still working on my secret project. Hands are very covered in glue. I thought I could finish constructing the various pieces in one week...last week. I also thought that I could strip the paint and wallpaper in my room in a month. That ended up taking about 8 months. Lots of paint and wallpaper. I'm not a good estimator of how long it will take to get things done. I'm hoping this won't take that long. I hope to have construction down this week. Hoping.

Passed 10k tweets on Twitter. Not sure what that means...besides that I tweet a lot. You can follow me if you would like.

Post Picture: A picture from my trip to Elizabeth Park.