SPT- 7.5

SPT- 7.5
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Self-portrait Thursday is a Flickr group started by Mamadelic an Etsyan. I've only posted a few times, for a variety of reasons. The top one being that I forget.

I remembered today but didn't think I looked good enough and I didn't want to take the same old boring picture. Then my mom told me my shirt was on backwards. Immediately I saw the basic composition in my mind.

Unfortunately it didn't come out that clear. But that's me. I'd even gone to the bank with it on backwards. I didn't have the tag in mouth though.

I'm waiting for my metal. Nearly busting out of my skin with excitement. I want the metal so bad. The proper set-up will have to wait a while.

It's humid today, and not very sunny. I have theater later. But I feel like a slug. And that room is not air-conditioned. Ah well. Maybe it'll cool off by then.