Curvature- Olive Green Macrame Earrings

I listed these today. They're called Curvature because, well, there's a curve in the design. I'm putting them in the Keyword Overload Collection even though they have no chainmaille. It's my collection and they do have macrame and they're asymmetric. :P

I've made them in red, a kind of cranberry red not fire engine. I'm going to make them in brown too, I think. If you like them, the earrings, and want to know more, you can click the picture.


Until tomorrow...or perhaps later

Macrame Bracelet with Wooden, Glass and Metal beads

That bracelet sold yesterday. It was very much a surprise. The buyer had just signed up that day. I like to think she signed up just to buy from me. :P Who knows how true that is. I'd sure like to know how she found me. That was the first time a buyer-only bought from me. It made me feel rather special. Then I saw that one seller on Etsy has over 3,000 sales. I felt small again. Anyway, I mail the bracelet tomorrow.

I'm supposed to be working on more earrings. Though I think one earring will actually be part of a necklace. It would look better as a necklace. I don't have all the components I need for it. I'd like to use some chain and I don't have any. Bead store isn't open until Tuesday.

New earrings shall be listed in LP by rJax in the next few days. Hopefully tomorrow...if I get my butt upstairs.

I'm also having the hardest time trying to decide who to spend the money I have from the bracelet sale. Supplies, ad space or a little present for myself. Hmmm...we, er, I shall see.


I'm on a blog!

I found this blog on Delightful Blogs as a featured blog. I've been trying to promote my shop more and I think I'm kind of indie. So I sent her an email. I didn't think much of it given my success in the area of promotion. But she wrote back in a few days saying she would feature my woodburned pendant necklaces. I was thrilled.

I checked back the blog every day to see if I was there. But I wasn't. I got discouraged. I checked today, purely on whim...okay and anxious paranoia too. And there I was.

I'm so excited. Of course, I'm not the type to scream or anything. But it was a great time. I need this bit of encouragement. I can do this, promote, make things. I feel like I can do anything right now.

Oh and I also accomplished both of the goals I set for myself in the entry below. Today was a good day!



I think I've given myself nerve damage. I've been sitting for long hours on this hard computer chair that we have, trying to find places to effectively promote LP by rJax. It's frustrating. I'm on other blog/profile sites like Deviant Art and I've handed out tons of business cards, but I still haven't been able to get a steady sales run. By steady, at this point, I'd take one a month.

Anyway my new toy is Stylefeeder. I'd heard about it before but I just signed up today. For some reason my computer doesn't generally like social bookmarking sites, so I'd left it alone. But it works nicely on my PC.

I think I should start setting weekly goals instead of this huge goals like getting 100 sales. Smaller bits are easier to chew and they'll let me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

Another of my goals is to blog regularly. Still workin' on that.

So for this week: Finish a pair of earrings and list them, retake pics of the potholders. I have other things I'd like to do...but small bits. When I get better at this accomplishing things thing, I'll put more on my plate. Currently, I've been struggling with this one earring design for about a week and a half.

I think this the longest entry to date. So I'll quit now. If you read this, congratulations!


Today I am 1 on Etsy. I was feeling pretty bad as evidenced on my Livejournal blog entry from today. I feel better now. Gosh, emotions are ridiculous. I have some new earrings in the works, new designs and old with a different color. So it goes on.

I'm not sure who if anyone reads this blog, but if you mention 'blogger' at checkout on Etsy this month (February) I'll give you free shipping.

I'm still not sure how to spend the $50 I have that I found at work all those months ago. So many ideas but no decision yet.