TV Aside- 11.25

Watched Heroes yesterday. Yahoo had done a list of shows that appeared to have or were in the process of, 'jumping the shark. Then they suggested 86-ing Mohinder. At first I balked. Now, being as objective as I can, I have to say they were right.

Heroes has always required me to suspend reality. It's a show about people who can fly, or not die. It's like a comic book but with real people. (If it had been animated it would have been lame.) That the story doesn't entirely come together every week, that things go unexplained, doesn't bother me as much with this show as with, say, Lost.

But it's broaching ridiculous. The characters are getting annoying, redundant or laughable. The villians are just angry, the good guys are whiny, (Sylar is unfortunately both) and what in the world is Mohinder's problem? What was that body part he hacked out of his experiment corpse? How did he stick himself to wall? Why did he ooze out naked?

I can't remember why Claire is mad at her dad. What does she think she can do besides be immortal? She was a cheerleader; pom-poms are not nunchucks. Her plan to save Peter last week by jumping out the window she sent his mortal self out of, didn't make any sense.

I don't know why Parkman is even there. Seriously. His skills at mind-reading leave much to be desired. He loses reception more easily than my cell phone. Does the face-turning thing help?

I wonder if, though it had a strong following before the writer's strike of '07, it will become a post-strike casualty. I hope it doesn't. That somehow they can recover the glory it had in season one. (Admittedly, Claire, Parkman and Mohinder were somewhat annoying then, too.) Right now they seem to be Heroes without a cause. Perhaps a new tagline is in order.

Post Picture: Lifted from someone via a Google Images search.