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Chinny chin chin
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Okay, I'm going to admit that I really just wanted to post to show my picture. I need to go prioritize, organize and strategize a few things...like my life. :P Nothing else has happened much to warrant post. So that's it. Enjoy the photo!

Post Picture:
My cat. She's lounging. I shot it in b&w because I happen to freakin' love b&w shots and because my camera is a pain and doesn't like to render colors correctly when it's dark. It was dreary that day.


Happy Friday

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I woke up today, happy to be alive. This is a new feeling. Most of my life I've hated waking up.

I've been making a list of things I want to accomplish in a week. It's not a lot. I should probably do it day by day, but I tried that and eventually stopped trying. A week works better for me. So I sewed a little yesterday, started a new wristlet, another Westie. I'm not going to try to make up another pattern until I streamline this one. Sometimes I just can't remember how I made something. I'm glad the ones I have haven't sold yet, or I'd be lost. I need to write better instructions.

I'm also thinking I'm going to need to raise the prices of some of my items. I'll have to do a better job of charting how long it takes to make the different things and the cost of materials.

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I took this one a few Sundays ago, when I walked to the PO. It's a tree near town hall.


Who I Am (Pt. 2)

Because here I can link to whatever I want!

I posted in Gemmafactrix's thread today, talking about what lyric describes your mood today. I chose:

From Anna Nalick's Breathe

There's a light at each end of this tunnel,
You shout 'cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out

Stuff's changing. It's an interesting time for me.



All done 2
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I guess I'm risking getting some whacked out emails with my address showing. Ah, well. Bring 'em on!

I finished my consignment stuff today, and shipped it. I'm pretty pleased. I hope I get some sales. I finished the business cards, which look a lot like the old ones because I realized I didn't have to move heaven and earth just delete so text and add some new. Sometimes I overthink the universe.

It's very hot here. For October. It's almost 80. This is good because it allows me to work on my room without dying from the fumes of the paint stripper. It makes me wonder, though, what winter will be like.


Day 11- bows on a stick

Day 11- bows on a stick
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I'm a member of the Flickr group Crafting 365. I skipped a whole bunch of calendar days but picked up where I left off, because I kinda like the pictures I had.

Today I'm working on my consignment order. These are half-done gift bow earrings.

I've taken to severe cropping, make a normal shot look like a panorama. (Yes, I'm reading a book on photography, but a lot of it doesn't make sense...all the terms.) Plus, my camera behaved and focused properly. Of course, the problem could be the photographer.

I'm tired of talking about me, now.




These aren't going to be consigned. Once I buy more magnets, they'll probably be listed. I went on a bit of a tear last night. I burned those four and started on the eight for Bailey's Designs. It was nice to just sit and work and listen to music. (note: my stereo is dead, now. I was using my mom's.) Not that I have a shortage of time. I just get distracted.

I get so pensive when I'm making a new design. I wasn't even going to burn the coffee and donuts because I kinda messed up when I was drawing the donuts. But then I figured, what do I have to lose.

Things, including myself, are continuing to change. It's interesting and subtle, though sometimes glaring and obvious. It's funny how easily I'm adjusting to a new way of thinking, still way analytical, but less stressed. I guess I was ready for something new.



My stuff is up on Bailey's Designs. She found me on Etsy and asked if I wanted to consign with her. We worked out the details and there I am. Now I just need to finish the items for her and send them. I hope this works out for both of us.


It May Be

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That's another picture I took. I cropped it, it was bigger. When I took my walk on Sunday, I cut through the backyard when I came home and saw this as I rounded the corner of the house, one of the corners. The apple had fallen far from the tree. (The tree is about 5 feet to the right.)

This has been a really tumultuous last few weeks. Change is frightening and thrilling. I still can't fully wrap my head around all that's happened, not because it's really that awesome, more because I way over-analyze.

I may have a consignment possibility. The shop is new, but that's still cool. I'd never had someone ask me before. I may have a HUGE jewelry commission. It would be for a Sweet 15 party so I don't have all the details yet. But still if I got that...Whoa!

I'm taking small steps. Making small decisions. Trying to be diligent. Sometimes I wish I could skip to end, find out who I'm supposed to be, where I'll be in 10 years. Would that really be easier?


Who I Am

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I took that picture yesterday. I had to mail a letter, a survey from a class I took. It was fairly nice and it didn't matter that the Post Office was closed. The lobby where you can deposit letters was open.

I took the camera with me. A few days ago I posted that I was fighting my desire to get into photography. I do this because I think I'm getting into too many different things. I need to focus, right? I got an encouraging comment on that post so I decided to stop fighting it. It was only stressing me out.

I snapped quite a few pics. I may upload more to Flickr over the coming days. I actually smiled when I got one capture. The leaves are changing, this shot was really nice, to me. Of course, I'm a complete amateur. But I'm loving it.

I walked up to the library, sans camera, I wanted the trip to be short, and got a book on digital photography. I want to know the basics before I consider taking a class.

I also got and SAT prep book. It's a really good one, I'm devouring it. Yes, it's been years since I graduated high school. (I'm 21.) But I long since thought that a huge block in my pursuing any kind of further education was the fact that I never took that test. I had ALL KINDS of misconceptions, so it's probably really good I didn't take it when I was 18.

I'm realizing that I have to do (not missing a word there), I can't just thinking about doing. Sometimes you have to help things get better. It's scaring the heck out of me. What if I mess up? I'm getting less afraid in small ways. I need to get out of this rut I"m in, that I've been in for the last three years. I'm not fully ready. But is there such a thing as a perfect time?


Blurble 10.13

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I have no idea for a title today, sorry. You can read other blurble posts, too. When my thoughts are too scattered to harness into a coherent post, I blurble. :P

I took that picture of my cat yesterday. She was sitting one of the windows and I thought it was really cool how the sun made her look like she was glowing. She wasn't too happy with me all in her face, and I guess the camera didn't smell too interesting. Shortly after I took this shot, she left the window. She's not a very obliging subject at times. But she's cute.

Still a little frustrated. Such a muddle, I'm in. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Physically, I'm fine. I just think myself into such problems, it's ridiculous.

It's cold, now. It's October so it should be, but I was kinda liking the whole 80-degree-fall thing. Gotta break out long-sleeved stuff. I realize around this time that I have a lot of ugly clothes.

My stereo is dying a slow, ornery death. I'm very sad. Very sad.



Why is what I want usually not what I do? I wanted to make something for my shop, something new to list. Instead I watched Deal or No Deal, a show I mildly hate. There is still time for me to work on something. But that's an hour I lost. I could've gone upstairs and gotten something to work on. But I didn't want to go all the way upstairs. I don't get it. I don't get it.

I also realize that eventually I will run out of one word titles for my posts. Maybe I'll start using words from other languages. :P


LSD- later same day- see below

I don't feel that way anymore.

I was standing at the sink, washing collard greens for dinner (which was scrumptious by the way) when I heard clear as a bell, "Never Give Up!". I could be going crazy, with all the stress I've put on myself, I'm not ruling it out. But I realize at that moment that this was probably the first time I didn't contemplate shutting down my shop. I was frustrated and a little depressed, which I'd been before. But this time I wanted desperately to know how to make it better.

That made me smile a little. I won't give up. I don't think I can.

No Such Thing

I just want to cry right now.
I'm frustrated.



The necklace for my aunt
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I watched Dejavu twice with the family over the weekend. Or maybe it was only once, but it felt like two times. :) *kidding* I loved it.

I finally found the long clear bugle beads to make another one of these necklaces for my shop. I made the first for my aunt. She appreciated it. I'm not sure where to get the extender chain, though. For hers, I just stole it from a necklace that I didn't wear anymore. I suppose I could to that again. Hmmm.

I made another magnet. It's for my mom again, she wants a bunch for her Bible study friends. Oh, and I may get a HUGE jewelry commission from one of mom's friends. The friend's niece is having a Sweet 15 next year, but they start planning a year in advance. It would be really cool if I did.

So I'm feeling encouraged. I'm in this treasury list three times. *cheers*



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I have been slacking. This is not good.

I've been seeing pictures in my mind. Like instances in life and thought, that would look interesting as a photograph. I should walk with a camera. But the battery on ours is iffy. Plus, I may drive my family crazy, incessantly snapping shots of oddness. (see photo in the post)

No one was around when I took that photo. It's the top of a styrofoam container my brother bought. Okay, he bought chicken wings, but the container was too keep him from having to hold them, you understand. I was sitting there thinking, That would be an interesting shot. I like it. The out-of-focus stuff are the dining room chairs and a book he had open.

I'm really getting drawn into photography, but I'm fighting. I'm afraid. I think it's too artsy. I'm not strong enough to handle...what I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I only want to tinker. I think I could be good. If I wasn't scared. *sigh* To try and fail, I suppose, is better than never trying at all. (that's a reworking of a sentiment usually said, about love) Shall see.



SPT 10.04
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The craziness started with this post. The term 'emotional rollercoaster' is cliche but it fits perfectly here. I've been really taken for a ride, similar to the Mind Eraser at Six Flags- which I did ride two weeks ago, over the past 30 days. I have felt each turn, twist and loop acutely. I seem to have lost my ability to squash things inside. I'm exhausted.

I've been to Waterford, CT; Hartford, CT; Agawam, MA; Plattsburgh, NY; and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. That's a lot for little homebody me. Two sort of vacations in one month. Admittedly Hartford isn't that far from my house. But on each trip I learned something about myself. Too much to go into here.

It was good, bad, lovely, dark. I was a little daring, for me. I was decisive at times. I grew, I think. (not physically, blast it!) If I don't have a month like this for a while, I think I'll live. But I feel like this was a beginning of sorts. I'm ready to change.


It's over

Yep, more comic strip news. We (my mom and I) have been following the comic strip Funky Winkerbean for a while, about 5 years or so. Recently the author had Lisa's cancer recur. Now, she's gone.

This has been the source of lots of internet content. I didn't get involved in comic forums, I have my hands full with indie and Etsy forums. But I felt that he could have let her get well. I didn't have to end this way. A very good commentary was written in the local newspaper regarding this.

I don't know why things like this are getting to me. Recently a radio talk show guy I listen to a lot got divorced and I felt incredibly sad for his kids. I'm feeling everything more acutely since, well April I guess. I'm internalizing more because I think it shouldn't be a big deal. It's something that I couldn't have influenced either way. *sigh* I don't understand me sometimes.


Back in the Day

90's kid magnets
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These magnets are new in my shop. I love them now that they're done and photographed.

These were inspired by a list I read on an Etsyan's blog a long time ago, before I thought of making magnets. I can't find that blog now, else I would be sure to link to it, out of respect. :) It was a very comprehensive list about being a child of the 90s. I'd seen other lists from past decades but this one was me spot on.

"Not!" and "Syke!" made it even into my straight-laced private school during my elementary years. I still say them sometimes. It's just fun.

I drew up these babies yesterday and burned them. I wish I could have recorded the process through which I came up the design. Not for the blog, just because it amazes me how something goes from a thought to a tangible little pieces of cuteness. I wasn't sure about adding the stick person. But I like it now, it brings out the kid-ishness. *makes up words*



I didn't take that picture. I DID go to that church. My gosh, it's beautiful. I can hardly comprehend how much time it took to make it all. It was really weird, for severe lack of a better word, because I have a puzzle of this place. I had no idea that it was in Montreal.

What was I doing in Montreal? I went to visit my cousin, in school in Plattsburgh, NY. P-burgh, as she called it, isn't THE place to be. (not that that matters much to me) She took me, and some of her other friends to Montreal. We attempted to go to some clubs. Ended up only getting in to two. Still it was fun, milling around a city with no 'adult' supervision.

This was so great because I had been aching to get away from home. I needed this, badly. But I was never so happy as when we got through customs, back into the States. I was only there for about 24 hours, and I loved it. But then I wanted to get back to the familiar. And even though I'm not at all familiar with upper New York state, it was enough. I don't think it's a superiority thing. Montreal is a beautiful city, unlike any I've been to in the US. I'd definitely go back. It was just that for as much as I had wanted to get away, I wanted then, to get back.

I wish I had brought the camera though. I kept seeing things and thinking, that would make a great pic. I'll learn one day.