I've been making up tasks lists for myself on the backs of old pieces of paper and taping them, at eye level, to my bedroom door. I know there are things I should do everyday but when they're just floating around in my head, I forget or feel okay ignoring them.

Yesterday, I finished them all! :D This is a step up from the beginning of the month when I would finish only 2 out of 11 or so. *dances* And today, once I've posted this, I'll have done 6 out of 14 or so. Perhaps I shouldn't glory myself too much, but it's an accomplishment and I'm very happy with myself.

I'm going to cut out a lot of wristlet pieces, the outer part. I'm running out of lining (old shirts). I could scrounge around some more. I have three 'new' colors. I've always had access to them, but I
just didn't cut them. And I have a few new ideas for magnets. Shall see. I should also try to start writing shorter posts.

Post Picture: Box Top Photography- a tiny maple spawn 'helicopter'. I'm playing with Photoshop Elements. Desaturation at work here. And jonesin' for a D-SLR with a macro lens.