New thread and beads

I got a gift certificate to the bead store for my birthday in April and decided to go spend it. I didn't manage to spend it all. I like to save in case I see something I 'have' to have later. :) I took the pic because I'd been wanting to take a pic of new thread and beads for a while. Plus, I needed to update here.

I haven't decided what I'll make yet. Jewelry, of course, but the details are fuzzy at best. Probably earrings. I could make some Tangent Reduxes with the kelly green, not sure it would look right in the black or the white. I'd like to make something that has the white and black together. One side black, the other white or the two knotted together. I have ideas, but they're not very concrete.

The beads are moss agate (green) and picture jasper according to the bead store lady. It would help them a lot if they put the name on the labels. I don't mind asking, though.

So new somethings at LP by rJax soon...hopefully.