Finding Me 11.16

Self Portrait er...Friday

I'm feeling much better, like emotionally. Really, the last two months have been amazing. I'm looking forward more. I'm embracing changes. I'm not squashing things inside. I keep learning more about myself. Not fully understanding all the time. But accepting it. That was hard for a long time.

I stood up for myself and my art the other day. I wouldn't have done this earlier in the year. Just wish it hadn't taken me so long to get this point. But I'm seeing how EVERYTHING works together, takes time.

I've also started listing/relisting more. I have 4 things finished that I need to photograph/edit photos. I'm so pleased with myself. Haha. I have a laundry list of things to do, including laundry. Heh. Best get to it.

Post Picture: My hand. I was lounging in bed, reading over my journal and thought it was interesting. The ring is not from Etsy. I found it before I knew about Etsy. It's on my finger everyday. <3