inspired by Rabbit Muse's post

I keep my clothes forever. I think I still have a pair of shorts given to me as a pre-teen by one of my aunts. They still fit. I have only gotten wider from those days. I'm not much of a shopper; going to the mall to people-watch is more enjoyable than going to the mall to browse for stuff. Name brands and trendy fashions haven't lured me (credit/blame goes to my mother). I'm pretty much comfort over trendy. I have to live in my clothes. Being uncomfortable makes me even more self-conscious so...for years I've lived in sweats, corduroys, hoodies and t-shirts. And life has been accomodating, no posh office job to correct my fashion nonsense.

The same sort of logic, comfort over style goes for my shoe choice. These were bought on one of the few days when I actually bought more than candy at the mall. They are from Skechers. They are approaching 10 years old. They are tough. They taught me the importance of breaking in leather shoes before walking a mile in them. (I broke them in by walking a mile in them...) They are oh-so-comfortable now. I love them.

Bro2 (the brother youngest) got a new pair kicks and made a vlog about it. Vlogging is his art. It's really cool to watch his (self-taught) skills progress.