Reading and Art

Back in May I started drawing. More honestly, I started sketching. I haven't been diligent with it of late but I have been looking for books and blogs on drawing, seeking out pens and pencils, trying tentatively.

I found Helen Birch's Freehand by chance at the library. I was thinking it was a tutorial but it turns out to be more theory (see what the artist did here and here? it's called this). Nonetheless, I let myself enjoy the work of the artists she included and felt a bit inspired to pick up my pens again.

I was testing out old markers much like I had been in this bit of impromptu art. Then I remembered the book and Birch's writing about layering, use of unexpected papers and contrasting color with black or browns. Out came the micron pens (which I love, OMG!) and made a further mess of the squiggles.

I've since taped into my sketch book. I found myself drawn (pun!) to type of abstract and/or geometric drawing. I'm see that through the majority of my crafty work, shapes and colors have been the theme. Though I'd like to keep working at drawing 'real' things I feel most 'me' when I let the pencil(s) or pen(s) flow over the paper and create a shape that is both true to life and not. Maybe in future I'll share a few more as I continue to explore.