Okay, I'm not going to blog that I promise to blog more. It doesn't work. I will post when I have time, when I feel like I have something worth saying. Lately, I've been kinda zonked so I havent, then I feel guilty, cause I said I would...then I have to write posts like this which I doubt are really interesting to anyone.


My samples are done and sent away. It was a little hard to part with them, but I have hopes for high returns. (sales or publicity) I also hope they stay together. I didn't have an eyelet setter, so I used a hammer and sometimes they liked to come apart. I've since bought one though. Works like a charm!

Also, my video, the secret project to beat all secret projects...is the TOP TEN! You can vote for it here...or which ever one you really like. I'm pretty excited and feel very honored.

As for school, classes are going along nicely. My computer class is almost beyond easy though. It's called Introduction to Software Applications with particular attention to the Microsoft Office products. I'm familiar with Word (evil!) but not so much the others. I needed this class as a prereq for the web design class that I really wanted to take. However, it's like uber-beginner. The professor tacitly suggested that those of us who know how to use a computer transfer to another class. I'm not sure what I'll do.

Post Picture: Some of the samples, all packaged and ready to be bagged and shipped. :)