Convex necklace
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Okay, first, because I can't believe I waited this long to alert the world...I sold that necklace at the market today! *faints* The buyer was a really nice lady who had stopped by my table before and was actually hankering after a different necklace. But she'd had a bad vacation and needed to cheer herself up. I'm thrilled to bits. It got a lot of 'views' and compliments everywhere it's been shown. I'm trying to amass supplies to remake it. But it may have to be OOAK.

Yesterday, a question was posed in the comments section of this post. What did I learn from making potholders as a child? What, if anything, carried over?

I had to think, turn back the hands of time, and try to remember what I thought at age 7. I was going to leave a comment, but it got too long.

I learned that with a little effort and some resourcefulness I could make something better than what the stores sold...so the ladies who bought my potholders told me. That has been a part of my thinking ever since. Can I make that?

That gave a sense of pride. I was helping people...on my way to taking over the world.

I learned discipline, too. I need a reason, but when put to it, I can get anything done. Like making those 10 sets of potholders, sewing the three-piece outfit for 4-H, making about 80 angel ornaments for a church benefit, sewing a floor-length tablecloth with only a tape measure and a marking pencil.

It was fun for me, my little childhood business. I enjoyed digging through the piles of loops for ones unsuitable for weaving but perfect for shooting at my little brother, collaborating with my mom for new pattern ideas. I couldn't believe people would pay me for what I made. Part of me still can't as evidenced by my complete exuberance at the beginning of this post.

So I hope that answers the question. Thank you, ashok and jessicajane for asking me. Sometimes, it's good to look back and remember...especially good times. :)