Finding Me 8.22

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Hello, g'morning, yeah!

I did the market yesterday. I made three sales, met an Etsyan, LAAdesigns, and generally had a good time.

Yesterday did mark the first time that a person complained about my prices in real life. I had a feeling it would happen soon, just to get that experience out of the way. It was weird. At the time, I was fine, but I keep hearing her comment. She took a business card anyway.

I also found out that my mother and I are pretty much opposites. She doesn't see the stress of shows, thinks they're easy. I'm not of that opinion.

Semi-incredibly, I won't be able to do a big show in a nearby town because...my temp job called me back. I really need that money, so, it's 'no' to the show. I'm more okay with this, I don't think my display is up to do an upscale craft show. Not in 3 weeks. Not a two-day show.

Maybe I'm a wimp. Maybe I shouldn't say that. It's not easy having my mom as a boothmate. It's wonderful at times, she talks about my products superbly. But...I don't know. It's all very confusing. *sigh*

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