Puzzle magnets
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Okay, really...I think something's wrong with me internal clock. I somehow may have gotten on west coast time without ever going there. Heh.

I'm awake, blogging early in the day so hopefully, I won't be tempted to later and I can get some things done. I worked on two necklace designs yesterday. They're for my Minta collection. Note to self: next time you want to make a collection assembled all the materials for all the pieces first. Anyway, necklaces are a challenge to me, whether macrame or not. They're usually 18+ inches of beaded/knotted/chained loveliness, so they take longer than I'm used to since I have made mostly earrings. (speaking of, finished two more pairs of Dots...have yet to be photo'd and listed, but they're cute)

I know I've said it before. But I really do love how when I'm working, and not just ideating/stressing about work, more ideas come. It's a beautiful thing.

Have a show tomorrow and maybe Thursday. Crazy, yes? I haven't heard back about Thursday, though.

Thinking I should do a feature post because I know I get bored of just writing about me.

Post Picture: New magnets as yet unlisted. My camera is slowly losing the ability to focus. It's digital and about 4yrs old. This should be interesting.