It's crazy hot here. Okay, it's not Tempe or Orlando, but it's in the 90s. I didn't want to turn on my air conditioner because I didn't want them all running at once. So I went outside to swing.

We still have a swingset, though none of us are little children anymore. It's a freakin' mammoth set made of redwood so adults can swing too. For a few minutes I was a child again and it felt so good. Pumping back and forth, not worrying about theater (the directors are kind, well...mean) or choosing a college, or the books I'm trying to write or my Etsy shop. I just swung. Back and forth. It did have a cooling effect.

Then it started to rain so I came back inside. I stayed out for a little while though. (This I wouldn't have done as a child because my hair would have 'gone back'. Only a select group of people will understand that) It was nice. Relaxing.