wb- this.n.that

School's in session so that means I'm spending much of my weekend doing homework. I only have three classes this semester but one's a lab so it's almost like having four.

Other weekend-ish activities included skidding on an ice patch (bro1 and I...in the car), scaring my mom with a dead mouse (bro2...all bro2) and going to lunch with a family from church (perhaps I shouldn't have put eating after the dead mouse bit). Anyway, I hope to get back into blogging. (Man, how many times I have said that.) I'm learning the beautifulness that is scheduled posting. I have the time to create posts on other days, then I just forward date to make it miraculously appear. It's genius and will save my blogging skin.

To the new week!

Post Picture: Me coloring a map for geography class.