Back in the Day

90's kid magnets
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These magnets are new in my shop. I love them now that they're done and photographed.

These were inspired by a list I read on an Etsyan's blog a long time ago, before I thought of making magnets. I can't find that blog now, else I would be sure to link to it, out of respect. :) It was a very comprehensive list about being a child of the 90s. I'd seen other lists from past decades but this one was me spot on.

"Not!" and "Syke!" made it even into my straight-laced private school during my elementary years. I still say them sometimes. It's just fun.

I drew up these babies yesterday and burned them. I wish I could have recorded the process through which I came up the design. Not for the blog, just because it amazes me how something goes from a thought to a tangible little pieces of cuteness. I wasn't sure about adding the stick person. But I like it now, it brings out the kid-ishness. *makes up words*