Another Small Step

My saw
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The initials of this post spell a bad word. I should change it.

Well, the saw came today. I'm very excited about this. I got it on eBay and it came with 144 blades. It's probably low-end but I didn't want to blow alot only to find out I hate metalsmithing.

I have about 3 ideas that will involve metal so I needed a saw. I have a book, so I'll be learning as I go. I don't have the money to take a class, yet. The ones around here are like $300. I learn pretty well from a book. The ideas I have involve mostly straight lines, so hopefully not too hard.

I'm going to need a tool box soon. I'm currently storing my tools in the packaging they were shipping in. That's not going to work for much longer. My room is junky enough.