A Lot to Say

I was torn for a long time. But I finally made up my mind and purchased more magnets pieces, the little metal part. I'm getting 100 for a good price. I hope they're as strong as the ones I like. They're bigger, the size I originally wanted but couldn't find, and not from the people I bought the little ones from. Those folks only had little ones. Shall see.

Have a little bit of drama going on. But I'm surprising myself with how cool I'm being. It's not life or death at all. I dealt with some stuff and now I don't stress nearly as easily.

I was skipping yesterday. Bopping all around like a little girl. I'm silly sometimes. Very silly. A giddy me isn't not one I'm familiar with.

I finally finished the blue wristlet. I'm working on the cranberry one, which I had relisted after it sold but somehow never got around to actually making. I now have to finish the earrings I started. And I'd like to draw more magnets.

It's so cool about the creative process. I've been on a bit of a tear, pushing myself to work on projects everyday, even if I don't finish. I have oodles of time and need to use it more wisely. Some of these ideas I'd held onto for a long time, fear of making them wrong, them not selling, running out of ideas. But I just got a new idea today, a way to use some of the scraps of wristlet lining fabric. Two ways actually. One idea I'd had for a while. The other just *poofed* into my head today. It's amazing how the more I make, the more I think of too make. Being stagnant hurt. I'm much happier now. Maybe that's why I was skipping.